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because men OBVIOUSLY don’t have any problems. Nope. Life is a fucking peach. There’s no unrealistic body images, emotional demands, success/financial demands. there’s no skepticism when a guy’s alone with a child. Men are totally not ignored when they’re abused, sexually assaulted, or raped. Nope. that never happens.

Can we stop pretending like it’s so fucking hard to be female and so easy to be male? Because it’s fucking bullshit. Both sexes have their problems. Deal with it.

-the Polish one

What about the part where only women would be labeled as rapists?
And the part where no one would believe women when they told people that they get physically abused by their spouse?
Or the part where men would get to make the “abortion” choice and not the woman?

We’re just going to talk about childish, biased, cherrypicked, petty issues?

Not to mention, referring to the second frame, that there are plenty of magazines with attractive shirtless men on the cover. Either that or they’re dressed really classy and also really attractive. Not to also mention that women everywhere swoon over calendars full of buff, shirtless firefighters… OH! RIGHT, THAT IS ONLY OKAY IF YOU ARE FEMALE, RIGHT?!

I thought I smelled hypocrisy.

Hi, sorry I just found your blog so I'm not too sure. You're against feminism or feminists?

I’m against the people of modern feminism who have basically poisoned the movement with hypocrisy, lies and hate.

Or, if you like, in a more broad sense, I am against bullshit. Modern feminists are full of that.

You know your movement has failed when the people you claim to support are sick of your shit.
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It is my belief that people in the gaming community are reacting so harshly to Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn simply because they’re fucking fed up with people sticking their noses into their business and telling them what they are and are not allowed to enjoy with video games. Go. The fuck. Away.
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ever noticed that feminists mock the whole 'not ALL men' thing but they're just as quick to say 'not ALL feminists!' when someone criticizes their movement

I notice it all the time. It’s incredibly hypocritical. I sometimes wonder if these feminists would realize how ridiculous they seem if they just went back and looked at the shit that they said.

Tell you what though, if a movement wants my support, arrogance and hypocrisy are two sure-fire ways to make sure I do not support it. If they are bad enough, they can expect ridicule too.

Throwing the dictionary definition of ‘feminism’ at me does not change how a huge portion of people identifying as feminists act. Definitions and actions are two very different things.
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1) Their constant “I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude.

2) The fact that feminists are more than happy to insult people (especially women) who choose not to side with feminism, then vomit on about how we don’t know what feminism is (actions speak louder than…

You can throw the dictionary definition at me all you want, but that does not change how a lot of feminists act. Actions speak louder than dictionary definitions.

Who is that in your icon?


Chanty Binx, aka Big Red, aka stfueverything here on Tumblr

Big Red, the queen of feminism… Lololololololol

Wait… She has a name other than Big Red?

The problems I have with feminism

1) Their constant “I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude.

2) The fact that feminists are more than happy to insult people (especially women) who choose not to side with feminism, then vomit on about how we don’t know what feminism is (actions speak louder than dictionary definitions), or that we’re terrible people. I’m sure a lot of you feminists left religion for similar reasons. If that is the case, you’re a fucking hypocrite. Feminism has become just as dogmatic as religious fundamentalists.

3) “Having a penis gives me automatic safety where a vagina does not” - Actual quote from a feminist.
Fuck, that would have come in handy when I had my drink spiked, or when I have been sexually harassed. Gosh, isn’t “automatic safety” from having a penis just amazing?

4) Not all feminists are like that? Well shit, maybe you should make an effort to make it not seem like the complete opposite!

5) Feminism sticking its nose in society, to the detriment of everyone. Stop treating men like they are all evil, and stop treating women like they are weak and impressionable and need some saving grace! Feminism is a blight on everyone.

6) Feminism treating issues like rape as if it’s the fault of men, completely ignoring any other factors. There is no rape culture. Where in our society do you ever see (sane) people who openly promote rape? Rape, if anything, is one of the most hated things in our society. Alleged rapists are treated with “guilty until proven innocent” by society at large (thankfully not by the courts, but we’ll see how that lasts) and very much scorned. Hell, even if they are proven innocent, they are STILL scorned!

This is just a few things. I could go on forever but I am hungry and in dire need of caffeine, so until next time, stay classy Tumblr.

I don’t need feminism because I am tired of the ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ attitude which most feminists seem to have.
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